Embroidered Abayas

Embroidered Abayas


Now you can style your embroidered abaya in different ways!

Gone are the days when women used to don abayas for casual wear; today the brands like Black Camels have introduced unique hand embroidery abaya designs and freed them from the hassle of deciding a modest yet chic outfit for the parties. Women today do not need to compromise their style or religion to dress fashionably. Black Camels offer a plethora of options to its customers where all their choices are effectively taken care of.

In the current modern world, abayas are the perfect representation of being up to date and modest. With the embroidered open abaya, no woman needs to compromise their morals. Due to the upcoming colors and trends, there has been a drastic increase in the abaya designs and abaya colors, giving relief to the women. Their increased popularity has resulted in many fashion brands like Black Camels introducing differently designed abayas catering to the varying needs of all the women.

Today, many women are looking for the different ways they can style their abayas; the following are a few ways that will help women rocking their look in the embroidered open abaya.

  • Add a fancy belt on your waist, and your overall look will be all set.
  • A broach on your side can add a fancy touch to your abaya.
  • Compliment to abaya with the contrasting hijab; if you are wearing a plain abaya, go for the shimmery hijab, or if you are donning embroidered abaya, choose a subtle colored simple hijab to keep the balance.
  • Wear refreshing colors in the daytime and enjoy warm colors at the night events.