Front Open Abayas


Front open abayas are a new talk of the town!

Front open abayas are not new in the market anymore; the current advanced and trendy world has introduced various abaya designs catering to the needs of women of all kinds. Black Camel suggests that women who prefer front open abaya designs must pay extra attention to the clothes they are wearing inside. As the name suggests, your abaya will not be covering your front side, so you better wear some crazy yet attractive outfit inside and not show up to the party in your sleepwear. The best way to style such abayas is to leave the front open and tie a belt on your waist. This style will expose your inner outfit and present you as a style diva in the family event.

Women in abaya give off a pretty elegant and sophisticated look; therefore, while styling them, one has to be extra careful. An indecent dress that exposes skin can take away the overall abaya's purpose. Wide-legged pants, long floral maxis, and regular trousers and shirt inside a front open abaya would just complete your overall look. If you are going for floral or printed overalls, make sure you are wearing a plain and simple dress inside as they go better with them. On the other hand, if your overall inner dress is more simple and you like to keep things plain, go with a striking and bold colored front-open abaya.

There is no denying to the fact that printed overalls attract women of all ages; you can never go wrong with one. A polka-dotted front open abaya with a black and white inner dress is perfect attire for your party night.