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There is nothing better than donning an Umrah abaya while going for this religious pilgrimage. The abaya for hajj is the perfect yet most comfortable attire to wear. While on Umrah, one needs to wear the most comfortable clothes that abide by the religious limitations set by Islam. The brands like Black Camels offer their customers a wide variety of haj abayas, suiting everyone’s needs or comforts. Most Arab women already wear their traditional black abayas, pairing them with matching or sometimes contrasting scarves.

During haj, a woman has the flexibility of wearing anything that covers their whole body and hair. However, abaya for Umrah is a perfect and most comfortable piece of clothing to wear, as it does not have many layers and keeps you cool in the hot weather, which Saudi Arabia mostly has. The best thing about these abayas is you can wear them casually to the nearby stores as well once you are back home and not in a mood to dress up for a grocery run.

In case you are looking for some fancy and maxi abayas for Umrah, Black Camels has a wide variety and offers all kinds of abayas to its customers. Now you do not have to stick to the regular black plain Umrah abayas. Today brands like Black Camels offer a massive collection of abayas containing all kinds of abayas. Be it a fancy broach abaya, a front open abaya, long maxi, or simple black or white abaya; they have it all.

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